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Data Protection & Privacy

Data Protection Due Diligence Services

The enactment of the Data Protection Law started a new era for all real and legal persons which deal with data in Turkey. Therefore, compliance with the new rules are very important for a business to run smoothly. To ensure this, we have developed a data protection due diligence module where we review the data collection & processing practices of your business and provide you with a report and a list of recommended actions. ​​

Data Protection Employee Handbooks and Trainings

Understanding the data protection rules may be easy for managers or legal counsels. However, for full compliance of your business with the data protection legislation it is imperative for every employee to understand the concepts of privacy and data protection. Therefore, we draft employee handbooks specific to your organization’s needs and we also provide data protection trainings to avoid risks that may arise due to wrong handling of personal data.

Daily Legal Advice in Data Protection & Privacy

We provide daily data protection advice to local and foreign companies from a range of sectors including e-commerce, retail, life sciences, banking, gaming and IT. We advise on how to legally collect, process and transfer personal data. Further we provide legal advice on transfer of personal data to foreign countries.

Privacy Policies & Cookie Policies

Our team is the creator of the privacy policies and cookie policies of top local and foreign retailers and e-commerce companies in Turkey.